Le Salon de Musiques - January 13th, 2013

Antonio Lysy, internationally celebrated cellist and teacher at UCLA, performed with impeccable elegance and total commitment. 


- Ahdda Shur, Examiner.com


What would Scharwenka have thought about his music finally being heard on the American continent; in 21st-century Los Angeles no less, a time and place far removed from the composer's Wilhelminian-era

Berlin? The thought, I'd like to imagine, would have faded away into insignificance. Scharwenka would probably be too busy keeping his head from spinning in delight over the superb polish, technique, and expressive nuance of the Salon de Musiques musicians.

The players Guillaume Sutre (first violin), Searmi Park (second violin), Helen S. Callus (viola), Antonio Lysy (cello) and Steven Vanhauwaert (piano) utterly conquered this rich score. The playfulness at certain points, the exhilarating sense of risk, all of these were hallmarks of musicians for whom the score had ceased to be merely notes to be memorized, and had become flesh


-Ted Ayala, bachtrack.com

(full text of the Le Salon de Musiques reviews available here)

Tchaikovsky Spectacular - May 25th, 2013


Santa Monica Symphony under the direction of Guido Lamell


The cello performance [Variations on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra] by Antonio Lysy, also a Santa Monica resident, was also played with passion and heart. Antonio has almost a regal air about him as he presents the opening theme and variations that often test the artists abilities as they were played with an ease of execution and always with sincerity. The audience was on its feet at the end of the performance. Antonio is now professor of cello at UCLA since 2003. He combines his teaching with a brilliant international solo career.

- Geoffrey Maingart, hollywoodtoday.net